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Beware of Phishing attacks & Safeguard your Net Banking.

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through e-mails/Calls/SMS to capture confidential data like User Id, Password, Mobile No, e-mail Id, Card no, Pins, CVV, etc.

Never respond to e-mails/embedded links/calls asking you to update or verify User Id/Password/Card Number/CVV etc. Bank never asks such details.
Never login through links provided in emails/third party websites. Never enter login or other sensitive information in any pop up window.
Always access Bank's website only by typing the URL in the address bar of browser i.e. https://www.unionbankonline.co.uk. URL should begin with "https://".
Always check the last log-in date and time in the post login page. Always close Browser after you log-out.
Immediately change your passwords if you have accidentally revealed your credentials. You can disable your User Id by putting 3 wrong passwords.
Please report immediately on ebanking[at]unionbankofindiauk[dot]co[dot]uk if you receive any such email/SMS or Phone call. 
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