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Welcome to Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd

Important Security Notice:


Before logging in please check that:


* The address on the navigation bar of your internet browser begins with https://www.unionbankonline.co.uk


* The address has a valid 'https' security certificate from Entrust. The communication of your private information from any address beginning with 'https' is encrypted and secured.


Customer Alert [Beware of phising]


* Do not respond to fraudulent communications asking your confidential information like A/c No,User Id,Password,Card No,etc.


* Fraudulent e-mails contain links of look-alike websites to mislead into entering sensitive financial data.


* Banks will never send such communications to customers asking for their personal or confidential information.


* Always visit Bank's website instead of clicking on links provided in emails or third party websites.


* Do not respond to pop-up windows asking for your confidential information.