Union Bank of India (UK) LTD


Password Maintenance

After you first log-in you will be asked to change the log-in and transaction passwords.

You can also change your log-in and transaction password at any point of time in future.

Please remember the following points when you do so.

a)      An alphabet character is mandatory for setting the log-in and transaction passwords.


b)      You cannot use the last 3 passwords to reset new log-in and transaction passwords


c)       Your log-in password expires in 360 days and transaction password expires in 90 days.


d)      The lower case alphabet "l" is not allowed in log-in and transaction passwords.

e)      You can use only lower case alphabets to reset log-in and transaction passwords (a-z).


f)      Your log-in password and transaction password cannot be the same.


g)       You can use the following special characters to rest log-in and transaction passwords.



h)      A special character is mandatory in log-in and transaction passwords.


i)      Your log-in and transaction passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 14 characters.


j)        Your user-id gets blocked for more than 3 unsuccessful attempts on the log-in or transaction passwords.


k)        In case you do not use your internet banking service for 90 days, your services will get expired and which can be re-activated only on making a request with the branch.


l)      For enabling a user or to generate new password(s) you must make a request with your branch


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